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Investigator Jack Keller risks everything when a routine case becomes a quest for reconciliation.

Ambitious traffic investigator Mia Serrano is young, attractive and headstrong. Her intuition leads her from a tragic traffic accident on an icy Colorado highway to something far more sinister. Despite his protests, veteran homicide investigator Jack Keller is paired with the upstart Serrano on a high profile murder case that threatens to tear the Rocklin County Sheriff's Department apart from the inside out.

The young protégé must choose between love and ambition while haunted by suspicions that consume her. The seasoned investigator will be pushed to the edge as he struggles to come to terms with his troubled past. Sex, love, power and contrition collide amid two intertwining love stories as Keller and Serrano struggle to expose a murder plot while hiding secrets that could cost both their careers.

In a stunning debut novel, David Keith takes readers down a path of passion, deception, betrayal and ultimately, redemption. Icy Betrayal  is a page-turner that will leave you on the edge of your seat wanting more.

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About the Author

David Keith knows cops. He worked with the Oxnard Police Department for more than a quarter century as a spokesman and community affairs manager, publicly handling high profile cases, including more than 200 homicides. That inside experience provided the idea and inspiration for his first novel – a murder mystery unfolding in the foothills of Colorado's Rocky Mountains. Written by an author with a highly unique perspective, Icy Betrayal  takes readers on a trip full of twists and turns, with the flawed but charismatic Investigator Jack Keller leading a cast of colorful characters.

David Keith lives in Southern California where he and his wife Giselle raised their three children. He is already at work on his second Jack Keller novel.